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September 7, 2020
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Raw Pet Food

Leading Raw Pet Food Suppliers

Raw dog food diets are debatable. However, as a reliable raw pet food supplier, we think that raw meat, bones, fruits, and veggies diets are becoming increasingly popular. A raw food diet for dogs consists of items that are fed in their natural state.

We don’t process the food; instead, we design them to resemble how dogs ate before commercially packaged foods became available. All of the nutrients are present in their natural state in raw diets.

To construct a comprehensive diet, pet food manufacturers don’t need to add a million items back in. The majority of them are made up of whole foods. When it relates to the main sources of protein used in this alternative diet, it’s critical to understand the benefits and preparation requirements.

Choice of Protein by Pet Food Manufacturers

Pet food suppliers persist to thrive on chicken, turkey, and beef, making them great raw food diet candidates. However, your dog’s overall health may influence which protein is best for him.

Raw meat

According to a majority of pet food manufacturers, low sodium meats are helpful for dogs with certain heart issues, while lower potassium meats are ideal for some kidney patients.

Additionally, because beef, lamb, chicken, and pork are all low in calcium and fairly low in magnesium, they are all good choices by raw pet food suppliers for dogs who are prone to bladder stones.


Bison is one of the finest natural sources of CoQ10, a potent antioxidant. It is a choice of raw pet food suppliers since bison is lean meat that has a reduced cholesterol content.

However, it may be hypoallergenic for certain people and has a greater protein content than other red meats. It also has a higher level of important fatty acids and iron.


All of the important amino acids necessary for dogs of all ages are found in beef. However, we, as expert pet food manufacturers, prefer to add as it is also a rich source of zinc and iron.


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