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September 7, 2020
Tofu Cat Litter
September 7, 2020

Cat Litter

Leading Cat Litter Suppliers in China

GiliGlue Trading Co, Limited is renowned as one of the top Cat Litter Manufacturers in China. We are offering quality pet products for retailers and wholesalers for six years. As one of the leading pet product producers of clumping litter and animal bedding in the Chinese market, GiliGLue has maintained its leadership position in the industry in a brief period of time.

Over the past six years, we have developed a reputation as one of the reliable Cat Litter Suppliers. We are producing high-quality consumer pet products at an affordable and fair price. We treat suppliers and customers consistently with fairness and respect.

Our company always searches for unique and innovative products to serve our consumers, customers, and pets. We believe in innovation and the use of modern technology so that we cannot behind our competitors. Our innovation helps us to maintain our position as few top Cat Litter Manufacturers.

Prominent Cat Litter Manufacturers in China

Our primary goal is to respond to orders and customer demands by offering ecological and environment-friendly high-quality car litters, without any substitute. Quality never appears as a choice for us. It is always the result of sincere efforts, high intention, skillful execution, and intelligent direction. Our car litter is the wise choice of many alternative Cat Litter Suppliers.

We are recognized globally as a car liter manufacturing company that cares about quality products, integrity, and lasting relationships. These values are supported by our important assets; i.e. our employees. Our staff continuously work hard to meet and exceed customer expectations. That is why we can fulfill any bulk order to remain ahead of other Cat Litter Manufacturers.

GiliGlue has its in-house Quality Control (QC) Laboratory that allows them to provide extensive testing of our car liter and other pet products. So, if you have to pick one of the best Cat Litter Suppliers in China, then we are the right choice.

Photo Filling Shape Fragrance Corresponding Packaging 40Ft 20ft
specifications Sample
10kg 1mm-5mm Mix spheric Orighinal Non-vacuum 2200- 2200 Bags
10kg 1mm-5mm Mix spheric Add spices,Lemon,Coffee,Apple,Lavender Non-vacuum 2700 Bags
10kg 1mm-5mm Mix spheric Add activated Non-vacuum

Receive the order, pay 30% deposit, pay the balance before shipment. The above quotation does not include freight and packing. We arrange transportation and express delivery for our customers. Delivery time: 10-15 days after receipt of deposit.

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