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Following your selection of the ideal pet, you’ll need to gather the accessories and supplies your furry buddy will require to thrive in your home. Cat litter suppliers suggest grabbing the healthiest food, nicest toys, kitty litter, and the first litter box you come across.

Is it, however, a big error to put the litter box last on your list? Litter boxes may look to be the same, but they are not all created equal, just like human toilets. Cat litter manufacturers persist that if the litter box isn’t to your cat’s satisfaction, they may prefer to use your bed or white sofa as their bathroom instead.

General rules by Cat Litter Manufacturers

As a general rule of thumb given by cat litter manufacturers, cats prefer variety, so instead of having one litter box for each cat, consider having at least one extra litter box than you have cats. Each cat feels as if he has his cat litter, and there are also more community litter boxes.

These basic tips by cat litter supplier will help you through:

A larger box

This may seem self-evident, but the larger your cat becomes, the larger her litter box must be. After all, she has to fit into the box, and she’ll be spending some time there taking care of vital business.

To clean or to self-clean?

Another topic of discussion among cat owners is the self-cleaning litter box. While it may be tempting to automate another duty, as an experienced cat litter manufacturer, we suggest that it will be inconvenient if your cat is startled to discover that his poop spot has suddenly come to life, scaring him away from returning.

Covered or uncovered?

With no cover, your cat feels comfortable when going to the bathroom since he can see everything around him, including potential threats and an easy escape path if necessary. We, as an experienced cat litter supplier, believe that it’s in their nature, after all.

Photo Filling Shape Fragrance Corresponding Packaging 40Ft 20ft
specifications Sample
10kg 1mm-5mm Mix spheric Orighinal Non-vacuum 2200- 2200 Bags
10kg 1mm-5mm Mix spheric Add spices,Lemon,Coffee,Apple,Lavender Non-vacuum 2700 Bags
10kg 1mm-5mm Mix spheric Add activated Non-vacuum

Receive the order, pay 30% deposit, pay the balance before shipment. The above quotation does not include freight and packing. We arrange transportation and express delivery for our customers. Delivery time: 10-15 days after receipt of deposit.

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