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Commercial Dog Food

5 Things to Look for Before Buying Commercial Dog Food

Choosing and buying the best commercial food for your dog can be a huge challenge. With a plethora of brands and a multitude of diverse food in stores, it is one hell of a job. Hopefully, this blog will make things simple for you to make the decision about the best commercial dog food and the routine of feeding a dog as enjoyable and uncomplicated for both you and your friend.

Don’t get deceived by enticing slogans and glossy packaging. Always know what to search for when buying commercial dog food.

Things to Look for When Buying Commercial Dog Food

Here are a few things you must look for when buying commercial dog foods for your pet:

Avoid Generic Proteins or Fat

There should be avoidance from generic proteins or fats like “animal fat” or meat meal. So, you should look for named sources like

  • chicken fat,
  • beef fat, or
  • lamb meal

The generic term reflects the mixture from various different sources. It is a sign of poor quality food. Poultry fat is also not considered as bad as compared to animal fat; however, chicken fat is better. You can also consider glutathione as a protein source. Every glutathione powder exporter sells this protein substance online.

Note: you must not buy commercial dog food that employs the generic ingredients “meat meal”,” bone and meat meal”, or “animal fat”.

USDA-approved Human Grade Ingredients:

The term is a bit controversial as dog foods cannot get labeled as “human grade” by law. However, you can search for companies that use human-grade meats; not meats that were rejected by the conventional food industry.

For even higher quality, you should look for antibiotic-free and hormone-free meats; especially those that are pasture-raised or free-range.

All poultry food is hormone-free as it’s against regulations to provide hormones to poultry.

There should be Avoidance from Corn Gluten Meal

You must avoid foods that contain “corn gluten meal”! This is a low-grade waste product from the industry of human food and provides incomplete protein for dogs. Instead, you can go for whey protein from a reliable whey protein supplier after consulting with an expert.

Corn gluten meal is considered as a “red flag” of poor quality food. Besides, “wheat gluten meal”, one of the substances that cause death and illness due to contamination in the Menu Foods and it’s a cheap and poor quality protein source used primarily by low-quality foods.

“Rice protein concentrate”, also involved in raw pet food recalls, is a bit better quality compared to the other two. However, still it provides incomplete plant protein instead of the more desirable animal protein. Soy protein has also the same issue.

Avoid Digest or Meat By-Products

There should be avoidance from “digest” or “meat by-products” (Meal is OK). Some disagreement may exist as to whether whole meat can be taken as against meal. A meal is a meat, which has been rendered and is also dried. Thus, if a meal is written as the “first ingredient”, there is a bright chance that the food has more meat than grains.

When whole meats such as lamb, chicken, turkey, etc. are listed as the first ingredient, in reality, there may be much less meat due to the moisture weight in the meat. Whole meats and meals are acceptable, provided you identify them by name and not generically (e.g., not “meat meal” or “meat and bone meal”).

Some by-products can be OK if the manufacturer specifies they are made from human-grade organs like kidneys and liver. Otherwise, they mean parts not considered fit for human intake.

Avoid artificial preservatives, BHT or BHA

These are “red flags” for low-quality dog food. Ethoxyquin or artificial preservatives are banned in foods for human consumption, except for the use of small quantities as a color preservative for spices.

Ethoxyquin preserves fish meal that will not be disclosed on the food label for your dog as it is inserted before the fish meal reaches the manufacturing plant. Unless the seller offers a statement on their website that the fish meal in the food does not contain ethoxyquin, you may assume that it does. You must contact the product manufacturer if you are not 100% sure.

There should be zero sugars, artificial colors, or sweeteners (like sucrose, corn syrup, ammoniated glycyrrhizin). Similarly, there should be no propylene glycol.

Avoid Grains as much as Possible

There must be as few grains as possible. A source of whole meat should be among the first two ingredients, ideally two of the top three. Also search for the splitting of ingredients, like listing corn gluten meal and ground yellow corn as two separate substances, which together may add up to more than the first ingredient.

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