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Basic Pet Supplies You Need to Have before You Get them Home

Before buying and bringing your new dog or any pet at home, you should shop for these basic pet supplies. These are some of the accessories every pet owner should have to make their cat or dog comfortable in their new home.

Of course, something will be needed to feed your pet. These don’t need to be made only for cats or dogs, but it is a useful idea to designate specific dishes for them.

Basic Pet Supplies you Need in Your Home

Pet Bowls

Pet bowls do have some benefits. Many pet bowl manufacturers offer rounded bottoms, and these are often the easiest for pets to eat from. These round bottom bowls assist pets in eating canned cat or dog food.

A few pet dishes have rubber rings or feet around them to shape them into “skid-proof”; which is a bonus. Bowls having round bottoms cannot be tipped over by hyper or excited puppies.

Material for Pet Bowls

When picking pet bowls, ceramic or stainless steel is preferable against plastic. Plastic can be toxic chemicals as the pet age. They are harder to sanitize too, as bacteria can make an inroad into the plastic as it wears. Plastic also gets cracked and easily scratched. Also, soft plastic can be chewed up.


A leash and collar are a necessity for dogs and an option for cats. Cats can be taught to walk on a leash. However, if you have a plan to let your cat go outside, then a collar from one of the top dog collar manufacturers is a necessity.

Identification Mark

Some kind of identification should be attached firmly to the collars of both cats and dogs. Make sure you include at least your name of the pet and phone number.

Pet Bed

A place for your cat or dog to sleep is nice. This may include a place on owners’ beds or beds made for them by pet bed manufacturers. Older cats and dogs may reap benefits from orthopedic bedding. This is typically made from “egg-crate” foam. You can also buy a premium bed from an old sheet or blanket.

Cats often ignore beds you buy for them and select their own area; usually chairs or the middle part of your bed. However, there are some cat beds available that are made in a way that cats like to sleep on. They offer snuggly, small spaces, or are tent-like, giving a nice place to hide.

Pet Toys

Some dogs benefit from having some sort of toys. For puppies, toys are a must. Interactive pet toys give you room to spend “quality time” with your pet while providing them with some exercise. These would include wand-type toys for cats and balls for dogs.

Chew Toys

Chew toys are compulsory for puppies. Chewing is their instinct, and puppies go through teething similar to human babies. Here is an area where buying new products is preferred. It is a non-preferred idea to give your puppy an old shoe to chew on. This would imply that every shoe is your puppy’s chew toy.

If you have a plan on getting a new cat or dog, it is wise to get all the above-mentioned basic pet supplies necessary before you bring them home.

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